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Large Hawk Cuckoo Did you see this animal?

Scientific Name : Hierococcyx sparverioides
Family : Cuculidae
Order : Cuculiformes
Class : Aves
Phylum : Chordata
Habitat : Evergreen forest
Description : The Large Hawk-Cuckoo is an ashy-brown bird with a long, barred tail (adult bird length approximately 38 cm, weight 125 g, wing 22 cm, bill 3 cm, tarsus 2.6 cm, tail 20 cm). It looks ashy-brown from above and whitish from below. It feeds on caterpillars, beetles, bugs, grasshoppers, ants and spiders. During courtship, it calls at dawn and dusk, on moonlit nights and on overcast days. Its natural habitats are temperate forest and subtropical or tropical mangrove forest.
Distribution in Bangladesh
description written by:Fatema-Tuz-Zohora,Department of Zoology, Jagannath University,Dhaka;information source: Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh, Vol-26, iucnredlist.org;taxonomic checklist:P. M. Thompson and S. U. Chowdhury (2020). A checklist of birds of Bangladesh.Birds Bangladesh;photo credit: Vijay Anand Ismavel(www.inaturalist.org/people/Vijay Anand Ismavel),photo shared from iNaturalist, photo copyright reserved according to iNaturalist rules;David Farrowmore information, please contact us.