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Indian (Large) Cuckoo-shrike Did you see this animal?

Scientific Name : Coracina macei
Family : Campephagidae
Order : Passeriformes
Class : Aves
Phylum : Chordata
Habitat : All kind of forests, Bushes
Description : It is sexually dimorphic, with males having a pale eye stripe, grey throat and breast, and finely barred abdomen and flanks, while females have a barred throat and breast that extends further down. They are mostly insectivorous but also eat figs and forest fruits, flying in small groups above the forest canopy. They have a loud call and flick their wings when landing or during courtship. Breeding occurs during the dry winter months, with nests made of twigs and grass placed on horizontal branches. Clutches usually consist of three eggs.
Distribution in Bangladesh
description written by:Sharmin Rahman,Department of Zoology, Jagannath University,Dhaka;Photo credit and copyright:MSH Sourav (TU Dresden, Germany);taxonomic checklist:P. M. Thompson and S. U. Chowdhury (2020). A checklist of birds of Bangladesh.Birds Bangladesh;more information, please contact us.