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Chinese Pond Heron Did you see this animal?

Scientific Name : Ardeola bacchus
Family : Ardeidae
Order : Pelecaniformes
Class : Aves
Phylum : Chordata
Habitat : Wetlands
Description : The Chinese Pond Heron in the breeding plumage looks maroon-chestnut from above and the front (adult bird length approximately 52 cm, wing 21.6 cm, bill 6.5 cm, tarsus 6.2 cm, tail 8 cm). It has maroon-chestnut head, neck, throat and breast, slaty-black back and mantle, white wings and tail. The Chinese pond heron inhabits shallow freshwater and saltwater wetlands, as well as ponds, primarily in China and neighboring temperate and subtropical regions of East Asia. It favors low-lying areas, with its range limited by subarctic regions in the north and mountain ranges in the west and south. Its diet mainly comprises insects, fish, and crustaceans. This heron species commonly nests in heronries that are shared with other bird species. When breeding, it typically lays a clutch of 3 to 6 eggs with a blue-green coloration.
Distribution in Bangladesh
description written by:Fatema-Tuz-Zohora,Department of Zoology, Jagannath University,Dhaka;information source: Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh, Vol-26, iucnredlist.org;taxonomic checklist:P. M. Thompson and S. U. Chowdhury (2020). A checklist of birds of Bangladesh.Birds Bangladesh;photo credit: Kim(www.inaturalist.org/people/Kim),photo shared from iNaturalist, photo copyright reserved according to iNaturalist rules;Frank Lambertmore information, please contact us.