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Ruddy Shelduck Did you see this animal?

Scientific Name : Tadorna ferruginea
Family : Anatidae
Order : Anseriformes
Class : Aves
Phylum : Chordata
Habitat : Coastal mudflats and islands in large rivers.
Description : The Ruddy Shelduck is a large cinnamon-brown duck whose male is a little different from the female (adult bird length approximately 64 cm, weight 1.5 kg, wing 36 cm, bill 4.3 cm, tarsus 6 cm, tail 14 cm). It walks with ease and grazes like geese on grassy banks. It is omnivorous and usually eats grains, shoots, tubers, crustaceans, molluscs,
Distribution in Bangladesh
description written by:Fatema-Tuz-Zohora,Department of Zoology, Jagannath University,Dhaka;information source: Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh, Vol-26, iucnredlist.org;Photo credit and copyright:Syed Abbas (Birdwing,Bangladesh);taxonomic checklist:P. M. Thompson and S. U. Chowdhury (2020). A checklist of birds of Bangladesh.Birds Bangladesh;more information, please contact us.