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Blue‑eared Kingfisher Did you see this animal?

Scientific Name : Alcedo meninting
Family : Alcedinidae
Order : Coraciiformes
Class : Aves
Phylum : Chordata
Habitat : Evergreen forest
Description : Blue-eared Kingfisher is a tiny blue-backed water bird of the forest.It looks dark blue above and deep orange from below.Besides it has brown iris,bicolored bill and orange legs and feet.Both sexes look alike and the juveniles has rufous orange-ear coverts. The blue-eared kingfisher is a resident bird that typically perches on branches above shaded streams. It dives underwater to catch prey such as crustaceans, dragonfly larvae, and fish, and has also been known to eat insects like grasshoppers and mantids. Breeding occurs during May to June in northern India and January in southwestern India. The bird builds its nest as a one-meter-long tunnel in a stream bank, where it lays approximately five to seven white, nearly spherical eggs.
Distribution in Bangladesh
description written by:Hajbun Tasnim Preety,Department of Zoology, University of Dhaka;information source: Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh, Vol-26, iucnredlist.org;Photo credit and copyright:Sultan Ahmed (Department of Zoology,University of Dhaka);taxonomic checklist:P. M. Thompson and S. U. Chowdhury (2020). A checklist of birds of Bangladesh.Birds Bangladesh;bird song owner:Peter Boesman(www.xeno-canto.org/Peter Boesman), bird sound copyright reserved according to www.xeno-canto.org rules; more information, please contact us.