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Wildmentor is an international nature conservation and research group encouraging people to participate in nature conservation. Our app, Bangladesh wildmentor, showcases the wildlife of Bangladesh through beautiful photos and easy-to-follow descriptions. Users can contribute to saving Bangladesh's nature by submitting observations and pictures. As an international group, we believe conservation is only robust when countries work together. Our app is especially relevant because Bangladesh is one of the most threatened countries by climate change. With no similar app available, our citizen science component will generate valuable data for understanding the ecosystems of Bangladesh. Users can expect a simple, user-friendly system with unique, unpublished photos. Our app works both online and offline, and our researchers are experts on certain taxonomic groups in Bangladesh.

Download the app and make the most use of it.
  • Join our international nature conservation and research group and download the Bangladesh wildmentor app.
  • Learn about the natural resources of Bangladesh and gain knowledge on wild flora and fauna.
  • Discover local animals and plants through our easy-to-follow descriptions and beautiful photos.
  • Contribute to saving Bangladesh's nature by submitting observations and photos through our citizen science component.
  • Work with people from different countries to conserve the planet's natural resources.
  • Help fight against the threat of climate change in Bangladesh by monitoring wildlife and raising awareness.
  • Enjoy an offline experience after downloading the app and explore nature without an internet connection.
  • Access unique, unpublished photos of Bangladesh's wildlife that are unavailable online.
  • Trust in the expertise of our researchers specializing in specific taxonomic groups in Bangladesh.