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Common Bronzeback Tree Snake Did you see this animal?

Scientific Name : Dendrelaphis tristis
Family : Colubridae
Order : Squamata
Class : Reptilia
Phylum : Chordata
Habitat : Dense and open forests,Garden and homestead orchards
Description : Common Bronzeback Tree Snakes are small to medium-sized snakes that grow up to 1.2 meters (4 feet) in length.
They have a distinctive bronze or brownish-green color on their dorsal surface with lighter undersides. The top of their head is often reddish-brown.
Their scales are smooth and glossy, which helps them to move swiftly through trees.
They feed mainly on lizards and tree frogs, but also eat small rodents and birds.
These snakes are arboreal, which means they spend most of their time in trees. They are found in a variety of habitats including forests, plantations, and gardens.
Common Bronzeback Tree Snakes are active during the day and are known to be fast and agile climbers. They are generally non-aggressive towards humans, but may bite if they feel threatened.
Females lay clutches of up to 12 eggs in hollow trees or crevices.
Overall, the Common Bronzeback Tree Snake is a fascinating and beautiful species that plays an important role in its ecosystem.
Distribution in Bangladesh
description written by: Razia Sultana Setu,Department of Zoology,University of Dhaka ; information source:Wikipedia, IUCN Red List Bangladesh Volume-4 2015; photo credit and copyright:Rahul kumar (iNaturalist user).more information please contact with us.