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Tailless Lineblue Did you see this animal?

Scientific Name : Prosotas dubiosa
Family : Lycaenidae
Order : Lepidoptera
Class : Insecta
Phylum : Arthropoda
Habitat : All types of wildlife habitat
Description : The Tailless Line-blue is a small butterfly, similar to the Common Line Blue. It has a wingspan of around 10-12mm. The male has a bluish-purple upper side with a thin black border on the forewing. The female's upper side is dark brown with a faint hint of blue near the base. The undersides are grayish, different from the ochreous base of the Prosotas nora. The butterfly has an active flight pattern and rarely stays still for long. It often appears in significant numbers for a few days near roadside trees like Madras Thorn and Rain Tree. These observations suggest that the caterpillar might favor these trees as host plants.
Distribution in Bangladesh
description written by:Razia Sultana Setu,Department of Zoology,University of Dhaka;information source:IUCN Red List Bangladesh-2015, www.dilmahconservation.org;photo credit & copyright: Syed Abbasmore information please contact with us.