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Barred baril Did you see this animal?

Scientific Name : Barilius barila
Family : Cyprinidae
Order : Cypriniformes
Class : Actinopterygii
Phylum : Chordata
Habitat : Hilly streams,Shallow clear rivers
Description : This fish has a slender body with a moderately-sized mouth and two pairs of whisker-like barbells—one near its nose and another near its upper jaw. Its dorsal fin, located on its back, nearly reaches the anal fin beneath it. The pectoral fin on its side is nearly as long as its head, and the lower part of its tail fin is longer. It boasts a moderate number of scales, usually around 43 to 46, and features distinctive muscle pads near its pectoral fins.

In terms of appearance, it sports a vertical blue stripe running down its body, complemented by pinkish fins and a dark olive-green back.

Let's break down the measurements:

The head is roughly 5.0-5.5 times smaller than its total length.
Its body stands at about 5.2-5.4 times its length.
The eye is approximately 3.5-4.0 times the size of its head.
The space between its eyes (interorbital) ranges from 0.7-1.0 times the size of its head.
When it comes to its fins:

It has 9 dorsal fin rays, with 2 in the front part and 7 in the back.
The pectoral fin has 13 rays.
There are 9 rays in the pelvic fin.
The anal fin consists of 13-14 rays, with 3 in the front part and 10-11 in the back.
This fish can reach a maximum length of about 10 centimeters and is commonly found in the rivers and canals of Dinajpur and Rangpur.
Distribution in Bangladesh
description written by: Zarin Tasnim, Department of Zoology,Universityof Dhaka; Information sources: www.fishbase.in, Encyclopedia of flora and fauna of Bangladesh(volume 23).photo credit and copyright:Kullander, Fang Fang ([email protected] ),www.fishbase.se. more information please contact with us.