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Scientific Name : Eurema hecabe
Family : Pieridae
Order : Lepidoptera
Class : Insecta
Phylum : Arthropoda
Habitat : Forests,gardens,openlands
Description : Upperside (Male): Yellow, ranging from pale sulphur to rich lemon yellow. Forewing has a deep black apex and termen that extends narrowly along the costal margin to the base, often diffusing near the base. Hindwing has a narrow black terminal band that tapers anteriorly and posteriorly. Dorsal margin of hindwing is paler than the ground color. The yellow visible to humans is also highly reflective in ultraviolet due to cuticular nanostructures.

Underside (Male): Slightly paler yellow than upperside, with reddish-brown markings. Forewing has two small basal spots and a kidney-shaped mark on the discocellulars. Hindwing has a series of spots along the subbasal, discocellular, and discal areas. Antennae, head, thorax, and abdomen are yellow, sometimes shaded with fuscous scales. The sex-mark is visible as a thickening of the median vein on the forewing.

Female Upperside: Similar to male but lacks the sex-mark. Black areas on forewings and hindwings slightly broader, with the inner edge of the hindwing's black terminal band often diffuse.

Underside (Female): Resembles male underside with larger, darker, and more defined reddish-brown markings. A prominent transverse reddish-brown spot appears preapically on the forewing. Some specimens might also have a small reddish-brown spot near the tornus.

Dry-season Form Upperside: Similar to wet-season specimens, but the black terminal band on hindwing might be narrower and diffuse inwardly in both sexes.

Underside (Dry-season Form): Similar ground color, but many have black scales sprinkled over the yellow parts of the wing. Reddish-brown markings are larger, darker, and more defined. Forewing shows a preapical, prominent transverse reddish-brown spot, sometimes with an additional small reddish-brown spot near the tornus.
Distribution in Bangladesh
description written by:Zarin Tasnim,Department of Zoology,University of Dhaka;information source:IUCN Red List Bangladesh-2015, butterflycircle.blogspot.com;photo credit & copyright: Syed Abbas,Birdwing,Bangladesh.more information please contact with us.