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Annandale Garra Did you see this animal?

Scientific Name : Garra annandalei
Family : Cyprinidae
Order : Cypriniformes
Class : Actinopterygii
Phylum : Chordata
Other Name : Annandale Log Sucker,Stone Roller
Habitat : Freshwater Hill Streams
Description : Annandale garra is an elongated and greyish bodied fish.Their mouth is semi-circular and have a suctorial disc on chin.Upper portion of head is filled with pores.Caudal fin is forked with black lower lobe.Two pairs of barbels are present around the mouth.
Distribution in Bangladesh
description written by: Shahtaj Islam Sakaal, Department of Zoology,Universityof Dhaka; Information sources: www.fishbase.in, Encyclopedia of flora and fauna of Bangladesh(volume 23).photo credit and copyright:Jensen,Johnny([email protected]),www.fishbase.se. more information please contact with us.