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Narcine brunnea

Brown Spotted Numbfish Did you see this animal?

Scientific Name : Narcine brunnea
Family : Narcinidae
Order : Torpediniformes
Class : Elasmobranchii
Phylum : Chrodata
Other Name : Brown Electric Ray,Brown Numbfish
Habitat : Sandy beaches,muddy bays,estuaries,coral reefs
Description : The pectoral disc of Brown Spotted Numbfish is oval shaped,soft and smooth.Tail is longer than the disc.Dorsal surface light brown colour without spots.
description written by: Razia Sultana Setu, Department of Zoology,Universityof Dhaka; Information sources: Encyclopedia of flora and fauna of Bangladesh(volume 24). photo credit and copyright:FAO([email protected] ), more information please contact with us.www.fishbase.se