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@Shao, Kwang-Tsao

Coelorinchus parallelus

Spiny Grenadier Did you see this animal?

Scientific Name : Coelorinchus parallelus
Family : Macrouridae
Order : Gadiformes
Class : Actinopterygii
Phylum : Chordata
Other Name : Spiny Rattail
Habitat : Marine,bathydemersal.
Description : The snout of Spiny Grenadier is elongated and pointed along with its dorsal side completely scaled.Head ridges are strong and spiny.Overall color is brownish to greyish and fins are dusky to black.
description written by: Hajbun Tasnim Preety, Department of Zoology,Universityof Dhaka; Information sources: Cohen, D.M., T. Inada, T. Iwamoto and N. Scialabba, 1990. FAO species catalogue. Vol. 10. Gadiform fishes of the world (Order Gadiformes). An annotated and illustrated catalogue of cods, hakes, grenadiers and other gadiform fishes known to date. FAO Fish. photo credit and copyright:Shao, Kwang-Tsao([email protected]), more information please contact with us.www.fishbase.se